We have been constructing houses in frame technology for eight years. We have gained experience, we have established cooperation with reliable suppliers and specialists. We have developed a construction method that ensures durability, ergonomics, reliability and economic use for our houses. We also do not forget about aesthetics. Everything to make you live in a beautiful interior and in a safe environment.

Our experience in construction, constant search for modern solutions and their implementation, allowed us to develop unique projects. We care about the high quality of our structures and the investor’s portfolio. The construction system we have developed allows us to construct ┬áresidential houses as well as public and industrial facilities.


The unique structures of our buildings are light but stable. They can be located in various conditions, on various terrain, in places exposed to rapid weather changes, in marshy and wet areas, and even on steep slopes. Moreover, the uniqueness of the structures we offer allows us to create mobile buildings. Their advantage is that they can be located in places with a status not regulated by local law (e.g. no local spatial development plan).

The author of the projects is MSc. architect Tomasz Piskorski