Why should you take our offer?

  • we provide free lifetime service of the installation in the Door2Door system. In the event of a failure of any component, we replace it with ours for the duration of the warranty repair, so that the installation works without interruption
  • systems are built on the basis of reliable, high-quality components, guaranteeing the maximum yield of electric energy from the sun. Photovoltaic panels installed in our systems have a self-cleaning coating, which does not expose the user to additional operating costs related to the annual cleaning of their surfaces by the authorized teams
  • the offered photovoltaic systems stand out on the “Clean Energy” market
  • thanks to the use of control devices equipped with WIFI, we are able to monitor the operation of the photovoltaic installation 24 hours a day, which allows for maximum efficiency
  • after purchasing a photovoltaic installation, we provide full, free service that allows you to obtain a financial return from the “My Electricity” program aimed at increasing electric energy production from photovoltaic micro installations
  • we also help in obtaining a tax deduction resulting from the “2020 Thermomodernization Relief “