1. How does container leasing work and how much does it cost?

The leasing process begins when the buyer receives a proforma invoice for modular construction (containers). On its basis, the lessor purchases the indicated container, signs a leasing contract with the customer and makes it available to him in exchange for agreed fees, i.e. leasing installments, for which each time, after increasing by the tax due, a VAT invoice is issued.

The leasing installment consists of:

– capital installments (repayment of the initial value of the containers)

– interest installments (interest determined by the lessor).

2.What is the leasing of modular facilities?

Leasing is a form of financing dedicated to business entities. The only form of financing currently available is operative leasing. The financing entity is the owner of the container during contract binding. After paying the last installment, the so-called “buy-out installment”, which depends on the depreciation rate, the ownership is transferred. The initial fee may be from 10 to 45% of the value of the containers. The shortest leasing period under Polish law is 36 months. It is possible to shorten this period, but then it is necessary to appraise an expert who determines the risk of questioning tax deductions by the Tax Office and the value of the container.

3.What influences the leasing ability?

In the case of container leasing for companies, the lessor looks at:

– the company’s turnover and / or profit (data from the previous year and the current accounting period),

– the investments made (they can be considered as depreciation and count towards profits),

– company’s financial obligations,

Рcompany’s assets, signed contracts and agreements with other entities,

– credibility of the company (period of operation, credit history).

The lessor may also determine the company’s financial capacity based on the preferred lease term and the amount of the initial fee.

The lessor may also ask for other documents in order to clarify the company’s financial situation, In some situations, it may be necessary to provide alternative security for the transaction, e.g. in the form of a personal surety of shareholders, surety of a third party or other forms of collateral permitted by Polish law.

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