Since the very beginning of our economic activity, we have been helping to solve our clients’ problems that arose when building traditional houses. It was quite common that there were underestimation of construction costs, delays of subcontractors, and thus difficulties in the proper planning of the work schedule and subsequent stages of investment, or even not including funds for the entire construction site in the cost estimate.

Pre-agreed costs often increase after completion of work for unknown reasons. There are unforeseen technological difficulties, corrections or modifications after previous teams, or other unforeseen problems. All this makes labor costs a huge problem and the investor will have a problem with budget planning, even when working with experienced builders.


Getting rid of as many problems as possible was our goal when creating our technology. We moved the construction process from the investor’s plot to the hall. All elements are prefabricated in our assembly plant and then assembled in our hall. We have eliminated the weather conditions and now we can use every hour productively. Commuting costs of the team to the construction site has also decreased, and thus the cost of labor, and we have eliminated the “standstill” costs, which also had a positive effect on the price.

There are also no delays, as only one team is working on the production, which has everything carefully planned. They know what stages and subsequent works occur one after another and how to assemble each element. The social costs of construction have also been eliminated.

Our technology gives us full cost awareness and we can inform the customer of the total cost of construction before any work is started. Our customers will not be surprised by any additional expenses. The construction cost that the client receives when signing the contract is final and not exceedable.

Thanks to our comprehensive service, we do not waste time confronting the financial capabilities of the investor, the skills of the contractor with the architect's ideas, which allows us to shorten the building completion time as much as possible.

Thanks to Polhome and our technology, you can become the owner of your dream home without losing your nerves, money and time. We are here to help you and make building a house not a hard journey through countless problems but pure pleasure.